Getting Fit after a Knee Injury

Maybe you were a runner, or a biker, or really into cross fit before you injured your knee or maybe your injury was caused by one of these things? Or maybe you were never that active to begin with and now your mobility has further suffered. You may think that any activity will cause further pain – but we are here to tell you that a knee injury should not stop you from achieving your fitness goals.

Here at Oh My Sole we offer a wide range of bracing solutions to help you pull through a knee injury or complication. We will review your options with you, measure you for the proper fit, and base our selection on type of injury, severity of the injury, and your desired level of activity.

The key to staying fit after a knee injury is to take things slow to insure you do not over do it. Each injury is different so each person may have different exercises you can or cannot do – but I guaruntee there are some that everyone can do.

Take a look at this video from the Doctor Oz show – No Excuse – Exercise with Knee Pain