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Additional Services

Oh My Sole! is grateful to have such loyal customers that come back again and again and we constantly strive to provide the best possible service and accessibility to all clients.

In-Home Fittings

We believe that every person deserves to have properly fitted shoes and make it our mission to encourage as many people as we can to come into our store for a proper fit.

However, if mobility issues are preventing you, or someone you care for from coming into our store, we will come to you! We offer an in-home fitting service within Halifax. One of our professional fitters will come to your house, measure your feet and help you to try on shoes.

To arrange an in-home fitting call 902-423-8288 or email us.

Gait Analysis

Certain insurance providers require additional information to support the prescription that you get from a doctor when submitting claims for orthopaedic footwear.

A gait analysis is brief analysis of your foot alignment, a comparison of non-weight bearing and weight bearing foot alignment as well as a dynamic (walking) analysis of your gait pattern.

Gait Analysis can be performed Monday to Friday at Oh My Sole! by appointment only. Click here to book now. 

Direct Billing

If you are purchasing Orthotics, Orthopedic Shoes, a Custom Brace, or Compression Stockings they may be covered by your health insurance plan when accompanied by a prescription.

Our staff can make recommendations based on your prescription and will help you determine your coverage.

We offer direct billing for most services through Blue Cross as well as a few other insurance providers and can also provide the proper receipts for you to easily submit a claim on your own.

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