The difference is in the fit

The Proper Fit

Great service and proper fit are what make our store different. We have knowledgeable staff who are trained to recognize and understand foot problems. This training allows us to properly fit and recommend footwear suited to your needs.

Position Foot

We will ask you to remove your footwear and stand up straight with your foot in the Brannok device. It is important to stand with equal weight on both feet to ensure the foot is expanded to its maximum length.

Measure Lengths

To obtain accurate shoe size it is important to measure both the heel-to-toe and arch-length of the foot. The arch of the shoe and the ball joint of the foot should meet in the same place. An improper arch fit will cause the foot to become fatigued and uncomfortable.

Measure Width

To determine the ideal shoe width we compare the width measurement to the shoe size. If your foot falls between widths we will suggest you go with the width best suited for the thickness of your foot. A thick foot should go to the wider width, while a thin foot should opt for the narrower width.

Measuring the foot is just the first step in the fitting process that gives our professional fitters the information they need to get started in selecting the right shoes for you. Due to brand sizing, styling, and manufacturing differences staff may recommend a different size than initially measured. Our professional fitters are trained by brand representatives on all products in our store. You can be confident that our staff are aware of which shoes run true to size, which run wide or narrow and which will be best suited for your unique foot.

The Right Shoe

We have a large selection of Orthopedic, Professional, Casual, Athletic, and Walking shoes from some of the top brands worldwide. Our shoes, while stylish are selected for their comfort and functionality. We aim to educate our clients on proper fit and foot health to help those with existing conditions get better, and to encourage those without problems to be proactive and avoid complications.

Our goal is to have you walk out of our store, with a more comfortable, confident strut than when you walked in!

Removable Footbeds

If you require Custom orthotics or insoles to support your feet we have several footwear options with removable footbeds to accommodate you. It is important to note that just because a shoes insole is removable it does not mean it is suitable for your orthotics. Our footwear is carefully selected to make sure there is enough depth and structure in the last so that you can get the optimal support from your orthotic. Talk to our staff to make sure you find a shoe that is right for you, and your orthotics.


Having the correct width in your footwear can make quite a difference. Many people don’t realize they require a wide or narrow shoe until they are properly measured. A lot of the time people are wearing shoes that are too long in order to accommodate the width of their foot. Oh My Sole! carries a wide selection of footwear to help our customers fit the correct size for their feet.

Rocker Soles

A rocker sole is a common footwear feature used to relieve discomfort in the joints of the foot, typically your big toe or ankle. A thicker and rounded sole of the shoe is used to create a rocking motion to reduce the stress on affected joints. This is a very common feature used by health professionals for their clients and patients.

The Newest Styles

To satisfy our customers needs we bring in a variety of styles and colors to suite every taste. Our seasonal collections boast in trend setting colors and patterns, while our staple collection features shoes to keep your feet smiling all year long.