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Nordic Walking

Nordic Walking is a total body exercise which incorporates the upper body in with walking. It was created in Europe as an off season conditioning sport for cross country skiers. It has made its way o North America and is picking up in stride every day.

What are some benefits of Nordic Walking:
  • Engages both the lower and upper body, increasing upper body strength
  • Low to moderate impact exercise! 30% reduction of impact on joints reduces the damage that can be done by walking/running on cement.
  • Burns about 400 calories per hour compared to 280 with normal walking
  • Helps reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, corrects posture, relieves neck, shoulder and back pain, improves aerobic fitness and endurance, enhances mood, self-image, confidence and feelings of wellness.
  • Adds safety and stability by assisting in balance

How to use the Poles

  • Poles are sized by having the client stand with his/her feet shoulder width apart. Holding the handles of the poles, their arms should be bent at 90 degrees
  • Nordic walking is not “trekking” (an activity where you plant the poles directly in front of you), the poles should be kept behind the user.
  • Your right pole should move with your left leg and vice versa
  • More resistance is added with a harder push and a bigger swing
  • The rubber feet on the poles are for hard, smooth surfaces (cement, indoor); the spikes underneath are for softer terrain (dirt, mud, grass, snow, ice)



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