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Professional Shoe Fittings

Brannock device for shoe fittings

At Oh My Sole! we don’t just sell shoes – we provide the total foot experience.  That special experience starts with a professional fitting from one of our adult shoe fitters.

Oh My Sole! Professional Fit

Our fitting experience begins with you, the customer.  We begin each fit with the Brannock device.  Proper shoe fitting incorporates not only overall length (heel-to-toe measurement) but also arch length (heel-to-ball measurement). Footwear is designed to flex at the ball of the foot so it is essential to position the foot correctly in the shoe. Improperly fitted shoes can cause a variety of foot problems in addition to general discomfort and shoe breakdown. If the arch of the foot is not positioned properly in the shoe, the foot will become fatigued and uncomfortable.  The measurement of the width of the foot is also taken to ensure the foot has the proper amount of space in the shoe.

Due to differences in manufacturing, styling, and other variables, our professional shoe fitters are knowledgeable of shoe styles and fit characteristics. It may be necessary to make compensation in sizing to achieve a proper fit for each individual customer. The fitting process often involves trial fittings to ensure that the proper size was selected. Terms such as narrow, wide, regular, extra wide (and others) may be used by manufacturers to indicate a width size. These terms are not standardized.

As part of our professional fit experience we also offer a comprehensive digital foot analysis. The istep is the most revolutionary digital foot analysis device ever created and in less than 30 seconds will capture your foot type, pressure points and shoe size. This patented technology features 3,744 gold plated barometric sensors that measure the pressure exerted by your foot every .25 cm.  The high concentration of sensors allows the device to perform a precise reading even for a small child. Images can be viewed in two or three dimensions and test can be done in either static or dynamic format.  If you would like to learn more about the istep, click here: Our professional shoe fitters use this analysis in conjunction with our other tools to better recommend the ideal footwear and orthotics for your individual needs.

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