Experience Relief

Compression Stockings

If your doctor or therapist suggested you get compression stockings you have come to the right place. Oh My Sole! is happy to have several Certified Sigvaris Fitters on staff to assist you with your compression needs to help you experience relief.

Off The Shelf

Off the shelf compression stockings come with a 15-20 mmhg compression level. You do not require a prescription for these stockings and our certified fitters can help you choose the level and style appropriate for your needs.

Medical Grade

Medical Grade compression stockings range from 20-30mmhg, 30-40mmhg, and 40-50mmhg compression levels. These stockings often require a prescription, an in-depth fitting and may need to be custom ordered.

Insurance Coverage

Compression stockings can be an important tool in maintaining foot health and circulation. Some insurance plans include coverage for these products and our clinic staff can help you determine your coverage before your purchase.

Lifestyle Support

Finding the right support for your lifestyle is easy with Sigvaris.

Thin eversheer for business and dressy looks to the warm and comfortable merino wool. Lots of varieties, styles and colors to choose from.

Questions about compression stockings and options? Drop in and speak to our specialists or Email us Today!