Keeping you Moving

Bracing Supplies

If an injury or condition is causing you daily aggravation and stopping you from doing the things you love – we challenge you not to accept it. At Oh My Sole! our bracing specialists work alongside your doctor to help get you back to the old you, or the best version of the new you!

Foot & Ankle

Large selection of braces, splints and supports for foot conditions including Achilles tendinitis, foot drop, ankle sprain or strain.

Back & Shoulders

Supports and Slings to offer assistance in post op recovery or for those suffering from low back pain, Spondylitis, compression fractures, and SI Joint issues.

Knee & OA Knee

Braces to help clients with knee injuries and complications  like Patella Tendonitis, MCL, ACL, LCL injuries, Osteoarthritis, and Patella Femoral.

Elbow & Wrist

Braces and slings for elbow and wrist conditions and injuries including tennis elbow, golfer elbow, elbow hyperextension’s, and carpal tunnel.


Braces designed to improve posture and reduce strain on the back. Used in cases of abdominal pain and muscle strain.


Neck Braces and Cervical Collars are often used post accident to help relieve neck pain and strain.

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Bracing Appointments

We specialize in all types of off the shelf bracing from ankle braces to neck collars. We have a large variety of options in stock and can special order certain types to fit your needs.

Along with off the shelf products we offer custom brace solutions that can be discussed with our Specialist in Store – to book an Appointment call 902-423-8288 and ask for Bracing.

Check out commonly asked bracing questions below.

Do I need an Appointment or Prescription for Bracing supplies?

No, it is not required to have an appointment to speak to a bracing specialist – But it is recommended. While we typically have a bracing specialist available during business hours it is recommended that you book an appointment to ensure our specialist will be available to see you when you come in.

Do I need a prescription to purchase Bracing Supplies?

No, you are not required to have a prescription to speak with a bracing specialist. If you have seen a doctor our bracing team can work with your doctor to find the best bracing solution for you. Most Insurance companies will require a prescription for the brace to be covered.

What can I expect at my Bracing appointment?

When you arrive for your bracing appointment check in with the Clinic Coordinator. Then one of our Bracing Specialists will review your Rx or discuss the issues and pain you are experiencing. From there they will determine the best options for you and review those options. Next you will be measured for the brace – and your bracing specialist will help you try some on. Please wear clothes that will allow you to do so.

Will my Brace be covered by insurance?

You will need a prescription to have your bracing supplies covered and our clinic coordinator will check your coverage while we assess the issues.