Go ahead, get to know us!

About Oh My Sole!

Tired of Sore Aching Feet? Want to make it to the end of your long shift without feeling like your feet will fall off?

Oh My Sole! provides you with the fit and shoe you need to have healthy happy feet.

For over 20 years the footwear specialists at Oh My Sole! have been trained to help customers of all foot types and conditions find the perfect shoe to walk out in.

Our Mission

To provide comfortable shoes that promote healthy feet and healthy lifestyles, to offer solutions to clients with common foot health problems, and create solutions for those with more serious foot ailments.

Our Inspiration

Nothing is more inspiring than happy customers. Helping clients walk out in less pain and discomfort than they had walking in pushes us to continue to seek out innovative products that promote healthy feet, mind and body.

Our Passion

Yes, we sell shoes! However, we strive to be so much more than just another shoe retailer. We offer products and advice on healthy living and encourage our customers to lead a healthy lifestyle starting from the ground up!

The Fit Experience Guarantee

Professional Fitting

Our staff are trained to properly measure the length and width of your foot and can make accurate recommendations on size.

Product Knowledge

We invest in our people and ensure that they undergo rigorous training programs so that we can provide expert footwear knowledge to all of our customers.

Foot Health Knowledge

Our team is more than able to assist those clients with common foot health problems. In addition, we have Certified Pedorthists on staff that specialize in more serious foot ailments.


When you come to our store you can expect one of our professional staff to greet you with a smile, respect, and patience. We are here to listen, educate, and provide you with solutions.

Tracy and Gregg Curwin are proud business owners of Oh My Sole! Footwear & Orthotics, a locally owned and operated family footwear store in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Tracy is a Halifax native having grown up in Fairview and Gregg, originally from New Brunswick found his roots here while attending Saint Mary’s University. Gregg, being the entrepreneur in family, developed the concept of Oh My Sole! due to the need of pedorthic patients (and their physicians) who required speciality footwear and solutions to support their pain and mobility issues. And so in the mid-1990’s Oh My Sole! was born and began as part of Curwin Health & Sport at the Lord Nelson Hotel. Today, Oh My Sole! is a combined location offering you one stop shopping for footwear, orthotics, bracing and compression therapy needs. Oh My Sole! Footwear and Orthotics is recognized as the market leader for fashionable foot pain and mobility solutions in the city and the region. As a local business, Oh My Sole! understands and values the importance of giving back to the community. We are grateful that our customers have been so generous with their donations to our ‘Shoes for the Shoeless’ program. For this program we invite customers to drop off shoes they no longer wear so we can recycle them to someone in need of new footwear. We are proud that this program not only supports those in need but also helps reduce waste in our landfills.  Thanks to your donations over the years we have made some less fortunate people very happy.

Over the years, we have been fortunate enough to have employed some wonderful staff and pride ourselves in pursuing the proper “fit” when hiring. There have been many young adults work their way through university while selling shoes on a part time basis and they still take time to drop in or contact us. As business owners, and parents it’s very rewarding to see how successful some of these kids have become. As a local business, and as a family we support a variety of different charities and foundations within our community. Having two teenage girls we have been very involved over the years with various sports teams, dance clubs, theatre schools, and general school fundraising events. We believe in keeping kids active and allowing all kids to have the opportunity to play organized sports as there are many benefits on and off the court. We appreciate our loyal customers and are happy to give back to the very communities that support us as a local business. Thank you for your continued support! Regards, Tracy Curwin Business Owner

When it comes to selecting our staff members we are as picky as we are in selecting which shoe styles and brands to carry! This is because we believe our staff are the most important part in making sure our customers get the best fit experience. We’ve had some great staff members in our store over the past 15 years and we always seek the same qualities – Desire to help others, passion for knowledge, and a willingness to go above and beyond for any customer. Unlike some stores our Footwear specialist are not just size fetchers. They are walking talking vessels of foot health knowledge. If you walk to our store and tell one of our specialists that you need “help finding a shoe that will fit your orthotics because you have Plantar fasciitis, pronate, and require a metatarsal pad and toe separators”– they will know exactly what you’re talking about and start providing you with options. If you don’t know what we’re talking about… not to worry – we will tell you. Take a second to get to know our team below – I know they look forward to getting to know you in store!